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Our Corpa Flora Products


The CORPA FLORA difference


At CORPA FLORA, the word prevention is important in all its aspects. We create authentic and natural products for the well being of the skin in the most natural way possible and with a minimal impact on our biosphere. Our mission is to offer a daily skin care ritual which is simple and nutritive for the skin..



A few words on the founder

The founder of CORPA FLORA, Celine Champigny, has worked for over 20 years in University Research Laboratories. Shehas combined her scientific and artistic talents to providerefreshing products with pride, compassion and gratitude.


Nurturing the passion of formulation without its secondary effects.


CORPA FLORA has carefully researched and studied the composition and advantages of its star ingredients in order to create a line of product that is healthy, nutritive and in synergy with the skin without the presence of unhealthy substances (see formulation chart).

All CORPA FLORA products have only been tested on consenting adults. No animals have been used in testing CORPA FLORA products.


Primary vegetal products from renewable sources, a sure value.


CORPA FLORA pays particular attention to the primary products that it uses, the majority of its ingredients have been certified as Biological either from Ecocert (www.ecocert.com) or the USDA/NOP (National Organic Program) (www.usda.com), both of which are internationally respected organisms.


An autonomous company and proud of it.


CORPA FLORA is proud to be an independent company which formulates and produces small quantities to preserve freshness, bottles its products at the same location which limits its displacements and allows a close and vigorous supervision of its operation from start to finish. CORPA FLORA sometimes utilizes the service of independent laboratories to perform certain analysis depending on its requirement


No to over packaging! Yes to a healthy planet!


CORPA FLORA only uses 100% recyclable glass bottles and does not encourage over packaging for a strictly esthetical purpose. The company has made an ecological and economical choice aimed at promoting the product itself rather then the exterior packaging.


* No exchange or refund on the purchase of a product. 


Source Corpa Flora website