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Laser Hair Removal

Hair Removal

Permanent Hair Reduction
Vikini is a 808 nm diode Laser for permanent hair reduction. The increased power of the Vikini Laser provides more effective results with less regrowth while maximizing comfort during hair removal. Thanks to a unique assembly of the handpiece optical device, the Vikini Laser offers constant cooling of the skin during  treatment and prevents loss of energy by dispersion. The different pulse modes available and the skin cooling function allow to apply more power in the long term and to perform hair removal on most skin phototypes.

  • Safe
  • Comfortable
  • Faster hair removal treatment
  • Several pulse applications
  • Improved optical grid for more performance
  • Custom function programming

The operation of the Vikini is safe thanks to the high stability of its 808 nm laser
diode grid which is cooled with water, avoiding heating of the hand piece.
The 808 nm monochromatic laser beam is well absorbed by the melanin of the targeted 
hairs while the powerful cooling system minimizes thermal damage on the skin.

The Vikini system increases comfort during treatments by constantly cooling the sapphire in contact with the skin and by using very short pulses. The Vikini Laser is equipped with the Burst Mode, allowing a scanning type epilation with ultrafast pulses. This mode of operation makes it possible to cover large areas quickly, while enhancing the comfort of the customer.

Various Applications
Each Vikini mode offers adjustments according to skin type, hair type, pulse type
and amount of joules required to ensure effective treatments. It also includes three
pulse modes to better adjust and tailor treatments to customer needs.

Women (most in-demands areas) Prices
Bikini line
Complete bikini
Half leg
Complete leg
Artistic bikini
Small zone (underarms, upper lip, chin, buttock etc) (250$ for 6 treatments)
Men (most in-demand areas) Prices
Complete back
Chest and abs
Small areas (buttock, chin, feet, bear line, nose etc..) (250$ for 6 treatments)

Cancellation Policy


A 50$ deposit is required to book a consultation followed by a treatment. 


The 50$ deposit will not be reimbursed if there is a no show or a cancellation on the same day.


The 50$ deposit will be deducted if the appointment is respected.