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Venus Freeze Body

Cellullite Treatment Montreal

Venus Freeze Body is an advanced cellulite treatment that combines Radiofrequency and Pulsed Magnetic Field technologies. This treatment effectively penetrates deep into the skin, creating a dense energy matrix that enhances skin texture and reduces cellulite without causing pain. It's a painless route to smoother, firmer skin.

Skin tightening and rejuvenation

The Venus Freeze system comprises 2 applicators: an OctiPolar (MP)² applicator with 8 poles for large treatment areas (abdomen, thighs, arms, and buttocks) and a DiamondPolar (MP)² applicator with 4 poles for smaller treatment areas (face, neck and arms). Each pole simultaneously emits Radiofrequency and a Pulsed Magnetic Field. This energy rotates between 2 poles, evenly increasing the temperature over the area to be treated and creating a highly effective, dense energy matrix that penetrates deep and effectively into the different layers of the skin.


The Venus Freeze device uses an exclusive algorithm to create concentrated, high-performance energy, WITHOUT PAIN. The energy created fully penetrates the different layers of the skin, warming them evenly. The deeper and more even the heat penetration, the more visible the clinical effectiveness.


Finally, this technology allows you to process safely and efficiently.


  • FDA-approved for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Approved by Health Canada for skin firming and temporary cellulite reduction.



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Venus Freeze ™

Named “Best Non-Surgical Aesthetic Procedure” by the American Health & Beauty Readers’ Choice Awards.


Venus Concept, manufacturers of Venus Freeze™, has received the American Health and Beauty Readers’ Choice Award for Best Non-Surgical Procedure in 2013. Venus Freeze™ is a revolutionary, non-invasive medical aesthetic treatment that provides superior clinical results in a platform that is safe and comfortable for patients. With the incredible media and celebrity recognition, it’s not a surprise this treatment has garnered strong brand awareness and customer support since its inception in 2009.


“This is a very important milestone for Venus Concept. Being named #1 is an achievement our entire organization can be proud of. This award demonstrates our commitment to developing and providing industry leading technologies that deliver an effective consumer solution and profitable partner experience.” – Domenic Serafino, CEO & Co-Founder of Venus Concept.


With over 2600 systems worldwide and 1/3 of those in North America, Venus Concept has touched and improved the quality of life of hundreds of thousands of patients globally. Venus Concept continues to define itself by the quality of its products and services.


The company is now looking forward to its next generation technology, the Venus Legacy™ featuring LiftFX™ & SculptFX™, having the same impact as the Venus Freeze™ has had with physicians and patients worldwide.

For additional information about the Venus Freeze™ or LiftFX™ & SculptFX™ treatments delivered through the Venus Legacy™ platform, please visit our website: venusconcept.com.

Venus Freeze Prices
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Cancellation Policy


A 50$ deposit is required to book a consultation followed by a treatment. 


The 50$ deposit will not be reimbursed if there is a no show or a cancellation on the same day.


The 50$ deposit will be deducted if the appointment is respected.